The Link Transport Service is available Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm

Day Centre Minibuses

We have a fleet of two 14 seat minibuses fitted with tail lifts to assist individuals with mobility needs and those who require additional assistance. The Transport service operates across all areas of the Romney Marsh offering transport to and from the Day Centre.

The Link Transport Service

Limited transport links on the Romney Marsh means getting from A to B is not always a simple as it should be. Thanks to  support of the Little Cheyne Wind Farm and the Kent Community Foundation in purchasing a vehicle the Romney Marsh Day Centre offers an individual transport service for people living in the Romney Marsh area.

When can I use the Link Transport Service? – As long as the vehicle is free and hasn’t already been booked out then you can secure your booking simply by calling or emailing us. If you need to attend a medical appointment, visit friends or relatives, attend a club or other social event or visit the local shops or library – then simply call or email and we will let you know the availability of the vehicle.

Availability – The Link Transport Service is available Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm – It may however be possible to accommodate journeys outside of these times by special arrangement.

How do I make a booking? – You will need to register as a member of the Link Transport service before your first journey is undertaken, please do not let this worry you membership is free and it is an easy process that can be undertaken over the phone.

How much does the Service Cost? – There is a minimum charge of £6.90. This covers the first 8 miles after which passengers will be charged 45p per mile. Mileage is calculated to and from the Romney Marsh Day. Payment should be made to the Driver who will issue you with a receipt.

How many people can travel in the vehicle? – the link vehicle has space for 2 passengers and one wheelchair.

Other Information: Passengers are responsible for any car parking charges. Our driver will wait for you for up to 30 minutes, additional waiting time will incur and additional charge, please contact the office on 01797 363888 for more details.


2016 RMDC LINK Transport pg1Our LINK Transport Brochure       July 2016

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